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Mar 11 '13
@2kaiprod - 03-11-2013 (03-11-2013)

March 11 2011 - March 11 2013.

Jul 9 '12


Mar 5 '12
Sep 22 '11

I decide not using this word. ‘adolescence’

In Japan, we write ‘adolescence’ in Kanji as "青春 Blue Spring" … What’s "blue spring"??? I can never imagine blue landscape in April. (Red or Orange may be better, isn’t it?)  

Many people looks back their past.

  • "That time was great, comparing with these days…"
  • "It was the best moment of my life, comparing with…"

just like these. Of course, I admit that I sometimes look back my o’l days. But that never give me bright future. They just gimme some hints n’ tips, and tiny little pleasures for a couple of minutes. We should have a 'bifurcation' at this time. Let’s think about future, instead of past. Then, we may start thinking more carefully about present.

When I was working on "HAPPINESS" album, it was the time me and many Japanese people were depressed by the huge earthquake and nuclear power plant problems. Then I thought I need to make a "bifurcation" to me. Throw my past, and think more about future. How can I get brighter future? I was looking for an answer during the production period.  One answer I reached was, to build a strong local community and rehabilitation of in-person communications. Never rely on computer and media, or some virtual things. I never say

  • "I wanna revolution by using Facebook n’ Twitter!!"  

Social media and internet should be as alternate choices. Not for primary choice. 

The main topic of my "HAPPINESS" album was to make a "bifurcation" … for the bright future.  We need to start moving, even if you’re alone. You can find your mate, understanding, good partners can’t you? You should express your opinions n’ thoughts at conversation or twitter. (tumblr of course!)  I’ve been discussing this topic at my Japanese website for years, and recently finally published "HAPPINESS" mix, and this website. I need some more mates and partners, because I know I can’t do it alone. 

By "HAPPINESS" I tried to find my understanding, mates. I wanted to express and clarify my thoughts. My song "Breathe in the Air" was about my thoughts on nuclear problems. “Situation” is about darker and serious atmosphere I experienced in Tokyo. And "Bifurcation" gives you a chance to have it.  Of course, music is just music, I mean, the album is just a compilation of good music. But if you have a chance, please listen to it carefully, and read my liner-note included to download pack. I don’t want you all to agree on my thoughts. Never stop thinking of future and happiness more. Do not think about your past too much. As Fleetwood Mac once sung…

  • "Don’t Stop, thinking about tomorrow!!" 



Melting Pot - HAPPINESS (2011-09-11) by 2kaiproductions on Mixcloud



It’s available at mixcloud or mixcrate. Click the url or widget getting to the website. Songlist is also available at both websites. 


Sep 20 '11
Melting Pot - SITUATION (Happiness)

Some Japanese & English media feature the anti-nuclear event / parade held in Tokyo yesterday. But… um… Unfortunately, though it gathered 60000 people, size n’ length of articles and TV news are so small, comparing with other news, such as celebrity gossip etc… "Situation" is so serious, and deep. 

When I composed "Situation"… well, it was in April, according to my memory. People’s atmosphere and city landscape was so much dark. Then I thought "Situation" is so crucial. I was even overwhelmed by that negative and darker mood, but tried hard to be positive and imagine a brighter future.  I didn’t wanna create darker music at this time, but I had to. I need to make a memory. 

This song was inspired a lot of Brahms, Debussy, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), Shinichi Osawa (known as Kitsune / Dim Mak / Southern Fried deejay)  and some other ambient / avant-garde stuffs. "Classical Electro" … I would call it.

BTW, I would like to take this opportunity, saying thanks to all the people who sent me their reaction toward my new songs n’ "Happiness" album. Thanks, if you have something more, please share it with me. and keep enjoying the good music! - Kota.


Produced by the People and Melting Pot
Arranged and Composed by Kota Suzuki
Recorded and Mixed by Kota Suzuki and bD at 2kai Booth, Sabamiso Booth, Akasaka Street and bD Lounge
Kota Suzuki (Keyboard, Fender Electric Bass, Mallet, Synthesizers, Additional Pianos, Electronics, Beat Programming)
bD (Electric Guitars, Noises, Sound Programming)
M (Acoustic Piano, Samples)
Moreau (Turntables <- recorded in 2008)
Sabamiso (Field Recording Loops <- recorded in 2008)

New composition from Melting Pot. I recorded and composed for this project. I had so many pieces of ideas and sound sketches, and finally they’re all got together into this one song. I spent four days (about 48hrs) to finish recording my part, and post the sounds to my colleagues, the People band. I had to write a brief scores, and that makes this session tough. But mixing down was also a very tough task of creating this sound. Finally, me and my colleague spent a whole month to finish it.
During the production period, we were very serious and (a bit) negative because we were faced with so much information of nuclear power-plant and tsunami tragedy happened in Fukushima and Sendai. Fortunately, my relatives and friends were all safe, but most of them were sent to school gymnasium. It was very hard hearing their situations. But this is not the reason that I titled “Situation” … The title not only means my experience of the quake and nuclears, but also for my anger toward this recent excessive capitalism and globalism economics. It has various meanings.
Guitar and some instruments by the People. I played fender precision bass, mallets, and some synths. Some audio loops was given from Sabamiso’s “Hakkaisan!!” concert project, which was directed by me and produced by themselves in 2008. I especially want you listening carefully the final part; the car’s klaxon. It sounds like crying… It’s totally a coincidence, I didn’t sequence the sound.

+++++++ALBUM RELEASE+++++++
+++++++ALBUM RELEASE+++++++