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2kai Days

Managed by Kota Suzuki (DJ .Kota / Melting Pot)






Posts tagged ambient

Oct 31 '13

DJ .Kota - PRVM#4: November My Whole World Was Cold and Grey by Dj .Kota Private Mixes on  Mixcloud
Shadows on the Ground - Yellow Magic Orchestra
Know You - Bonobo
Sometimes I Cry (Radio Slave’s Panorama Garage Remix) - Mr. G
Believe in Love - Ravex feat. BOA
Unicorn - Four Tet
Scotoma - Sketch Show
Seesea - Machinedrum
Istana Musik (2013 Remaster) - DJ .Kota
Star Guitar (Melting Pot Duo Edit) - the Chemical Brothers
Paralel Jalebi - Four Tet
See Thru to U - Flying Lotus
A Message for Austin - Thundercat
Naoko (unreleased) - DJ .Kota
Once - Slow Magic & Beat Culture
That’s Not Me - the Beach Boys
Paris - Shinichi Osawa
In Love with You - Paradise
Knight Moves - Chilly Gonzales
Lithium - the Polyphonic Spree
More Than This - Norah Jones
Genius - Towa Tei

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DJ .Kota - PRVM#4: November My Whole World Was Cold and Grey by Dj .Kota Private Mixes on Mixcloud

  1. Shadows on the Ground - Yellow Magic Orchestra
  2. Know You - Bonobo
  3. Sometimes I Cry (Radio Slave’s Panorama Garage Remix) - Mr. G
  4. Believe in Love - Ravex feat. BOA
  5. Unicorn - Four Tet
  6. Scotoma - Sketch Show
  7. Seesea - Machinedrum
  8. Istana Musik (2013 Remaster) - DJ .Kota
  9. Star Guitar (Melting Pot Duo Edit) - the Chemical Brothers
  10. Paralel Jalebi - Four Tet
  11. See Thru to U - Flying Lotus
  12. A Message for Austin - Thundercat
  13. Naoko (unreleased) - DJ .Kota
  14. Once - Slow Magic & Beat Culture
  15. That’s Not Me - the Beach Boys
  16. Paris - Shinichi Osawa
  17. In Love with You - Paradise
  18. Knight Moves - Chilly Gonzales
  19. Lithium - the Polyphonic Spree
  20. More Than This - Norah Jones
  21. Genius - Towa Tei

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Sep 14 '13

Private Mix: September 2013.

Private Mixes: PRVM #3 (SEPTEMBER 2013) by Dj .Kota Private Mixes on Mixcloud
  1. Suisaiga (Melting Pot Edit 2011) - Eiichi Ohtaki
  2. Shuro No Kageni - Eikichi Yazawa
  3. Breathe in the Air - DJ .Kota
  4. Diamonds on the Sole of Her Shoes (Todd Terje Tangoderje Dub Remix) - Paul Simon
  5. Take 5 (Kool Summer Mix) - XL
  6. Woebegone (Flying Lotus Remix) - The Longlost
  7. Apple - Towa Tei
  8. Kong - Bonobo
  9. Araburukami (Lobotomy Original Mix Remaster 2013) - Lobotomy
  10. KMKR (12212012 Master) - DJ .Kota
  11. Yajirushi Song - Cornelius
  12. Folk Rock (Bibio Remix) - Wax Stag
  13. Cirrus - Bonobo
  14. Cos Ber Zam Ne Noya - Daphni
  15. Sing (Banton’s Indian Chants Remix) - Four Tet
  16. Radio Tonic (Bobby & Klein Remix) - Neil Bainbridge
  17. Simply - Gramophonedzie
  18. Baby’s Got It - Maylee Todd
  19. Electric Mistress (Kraak & Smaak Remix) - Jamiroquai
  20. Don’t You Worry ‘bout a Thing - Stevie Wonder
  21. Dreaming - Sun Ra
Jul 1 '13





DJ .KOTA - CHILL-TECH (Techno, Lounge, Electronica, Experimental) by 2kai Productions on Mixcloud

  1. I Love How You Love Me - The Paris Sisters
  2. Jody - Del Shannon
  3. Arabesque - Tomita
  4. Swan Lake - Matthias Arfmann
  5. Heaven for the Sinner - Bonobo
  6. Araburukami (Lobotomy Original Mix / 2013 Remaster) - Lobotomy
  7. Seoul Music - Yellow Magic Orchestra
  8. See Thru to U - Flying Lotus
  9. Hear the Errors of World - DJ .Kota
  10. Lady (Dennis Wilson Cover) - DJ .Kota
  11. Magical Boy - DJ Koze + Matthew Dear
  12. Cirrus - Bonobo
  13. Bowls - Caribou
  14. Birthday (Caribou Mix) - Junior Boys
  15. The Gekloppel Continues - DJ Koze
  16. Sing - Four Tet
  17. Gold Dust - Off the Rocker
  18. Hearts & Bones (DJ .Kota Edit) - Paul Simon
  19. All the Flowers - Bibio
  20. These Days - Nico
  21. Midaregami - Eiichi Ohtaki
  22. Eleanor Rigby (Strings Only) - the Beatles
  23. Norwegian Wood Excerpt - Haruki Murakami
  24. Where Are You Heading To? - James Iha
  25. Sunday Morning (Velvet Underground Cover) - DJ .Kota
  26. Hunger - Flying Lotus
  27. Caecillia - Fennesz
  28. Harmonious Nature (06-05-2012 Demo Mix / Unfinished) - DJ .Kota


Mar 11 '13
@2kaiprod - 03-11-2013 (03-11-2013)

March 11 2011 - March 11 2013.

Feb 26 '13
DJ .Kota - Breathe in the Air

Road to be Positive. #2. 


Jan 11 '13

DJ .Kota Private Mixes: Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk mix… Even though I named this mix “Pillow Talk Mix” it doesn’t matter how you ‘use’ this mix for your private life. I mean, you can use it before the intercourse. This would make you and your partner moody. I hope it does. 

Private Mixes: Pillow Talk (Lounge, Sexy Groove) by Dj .Kota Private Mixes on Mixcloud

a private catalogue distributed by DJ .Kota Private Mixes channel.

Private Use Only. 

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DJ .Kota is a member of 2kai Productions

  1. Hunger - Flying Lotus
  2. Excerpt from Norwegian Wood #1 - Haruki Murakami
  3. Body Heat - Quincy Jones
  4. The Line - D’ angelo
  5. Corcovado - Joao Gilberto, Stan Getz, Astrud Gilberto
  6. Emmanuelle in the Mirror - OST
  7. Littlest Things - Lily Allen
  8. I Won’t Last a Day Without You - Ringo Shiina + Hikaru Utada
  9. See Thru to U - Flying Lotus
  10. Gymnopedies - Snakeman Show + Ryuichi Sakamoto
  11. Take Her Clothes Off (Demo Mix 01112013) - DJ .Kota
  12. Bowls - Caribou
  13. Birthday (Caribou Mix) - Junior Boys
  14. It’s Only (DJ Koze Remix) - Matthew Herbert
  15. Naked (DJ Koze Remix) - DJ Koze Vs Sid Le Rok
  16. Alabesque - Tomita
  17. Femme Fatale - Velvet Underground
  18. Still - Elvis Costello
  19. For No One - the Beatles
  20. Harmony to My Heartbeat - Sally Seltmann
  21. Love is on My Mind (Demo Mix 09042012, Remastered in 01082013) - DJ .Kota + DJ snake + Yu Hiyama
  22. Universe Song - FreeTEMPO
  23. Cherish / Windy - Barry Manillow + the Association
  24. My Valentine - Paul McCartney
  25. Excerpt from Norwegian Wood #2 - Haruki Murakami
  26. Where Are You Heading To? - James Iha
  27. Jody - Jeff Lynne

Nov 16 '12


Sound file and detail notes are available at following link!

Feb 7 '12


DJ .KOTA - GET WARM - February 2012 (Lounge / Chill-out / All Genres) by 2kaiproductions on Mixcloud

DL only available for mixcrate registers. PRIVATE USE ONLY.—-February-2012-Lounge—Chill-out—All-Genres

  1. Dear Heart // Henry Mancini
  2. Ohotzka // Sketch Show
  3. Child of Snow // Miu Sakamoto
  4. Hammond Song // Salyu x Salyu
  5. Exit / Delete (Live) // TAKAGI Masakatsu
  6. La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin // Fretwork
  7. Orange Crate Art // Matt Munisteri
  8. Literature is Stuff (Instrumental) // High Llamas
  9. Cabinessence (Instrumental) // The Beach Boys
  10. Come on Let’s Go // Richard Cameron
  11. Heaven Can Wait // Charlotte Gainsbourg
  12. A Message Song // Maki Nomiya x Ferando Takai
  13. Life is Better // Q-Tip
  14. Make You Better // Gramatik
  15. Someone to Watch Over Me // Amy Winehouse
  16. Jamelia (DJ Koze’s Alarmclock Remix) // Caribou
  17. Lost & Found (Shinichi Osawa Remix) // Popular Computer
  18. Knight Moves (Solo Piano) // Chilly Gonzales

Well, this is a sort of private recording, intended as my rehearsal and private listening on iPod and CDs. Ambient, classical, easy-listening, hip hop, electro, country… a border-less compilation. During I was mixing this, I imagined a cup of hot coffee, warmer thick jacket (my favorite), and warm time with my friends and lovers. Songs are all my favorite, they’re all warm, masterpieces. 

Oct 23 '11

Now I’m at “GAP / BiFURCATiON”

  • i’m at ‘gap.’ other word i would use at this situation; ‘bifurcation’ also. a starting over.
  • i’m talking about my status, society i live in, colleagues, employer n’ client, partners, how i get along with friends n’ lovers, and how i think of ‘em. 
  • it’s time 2 change, time 2 destroy, time to reconstruct, and ‘time to go’ 

Melting Pot Duo - Time to Go by 2kaiproductions

Sep 22 '11

I decide not using this word. ‘adolescence’

In Japan, we write ‘adolescence’ in Kanji as "青春 Blue Spring" … What’s "blue spring"??? I can never imagine blue landscape in April. (Red or Orange may be better, isn’t it?)  

Many people looks back their past.

  • "That time was great, comparing with these days…"
  • "It was the best moment of my life, comparing with…"

just like these. Of course, I admit that I sometimes look back my o’l days. But that never give me bright future. They just gimme some hints n’ tips, and tiny little pleasures for a couple of minutes. We should have a 'bifurcation' at this time. Let’s think about future, instead of past. Then, we may start thinking more carefully about present.

When I was working on "HAPPINESS" album, it was the time me and many Japanese people were depressed by the huge earthquake and nuclear power plant problems. Then I thought I need to make a "bifurcation" to me. Throw my past, and think more about future. How can I get brighter future? I was looking for an answer during the production period.  One answer I reached was, to build a strong local community and rehabilitation of in-person communications. Never rely on computer and media, or some virtual things. I never say

  • "I wanna revolution by using Facebook n’ Twitter!!"  

Social media and internet should be as alternate choices. Not for primary choice. 

The main topic of my "HAPPINESS" album was to make a "bifurcation" … for the bright future.  We need to start moving, even if you’re alone. You can find your mate, understanding, good partners can’t you? You should express your opinions n’ thoughts at conversation or twitter. (tumblr of course!)  I’ve been discussing this topic at my Japanese website for years, and recently finally published "HAPPINESS" mix, and this website. I need some more mates and partners, because I know I can’t do it alone. 

By "HAPPINESS" I tried to find my understanding, mates. I wanted to express and clarify my thoughts. My song "Breathe in the Air" was about my thoughts on nuclear problems. “Situation” is about darker and serious atmosphere I experienced in Tokyo. And "Bifurcation" gives you a chance to have it.  Of course, music is just music, I mean, the album is just a compilation of good music. But if you have a chance, please listen to it carefully, and read my liner-note included to download pack. I don’t want you all to agree on my thoughts. Never stop thinking of future and happiness more. Do not think about your past too much. As Fleetwood Mac once sung…

  • "Don’t Stop, thinking about tomorrow!!" 



Melting Pot - HAPPINESS (2011-09-11) by 2kaiproductions on Mixcloud



It’s available at mixcloud or mixcrate. Click the url or widget getting to the website. Songlist is also available at both websites.