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Dec 9 '12
Feb 12 '12

HAPPY? - Grab an opportunity, and do some actions.

First of all, I finally made a video with a cut-up track from “Happiness” mix-cd I recorded last year. The reason why I release and introduce this film is to give you an opportunity, thinking of 'what makes you happy' and 'how can we be happy' … Hope you enjoy the 34 sec film at first, please.

  • Are You Happy by Melting Pot

and… second topic. On Saturday morning (JST), I went out to Hiroo JICA hall for the test screening of a movie titled "HAPPY" and a brief talk session of Shinichi Tsuji. That was really impressive to me, actually.

I’ve mentioned “GNH” and “HAPPINESS” several times at my blogs, original music and conceptual mix-cd releases. Those are inspired from some experiences of mine; Kenji Ozawa concert and his novels, Helena Norberg Hodge “the Economics of Happiness” , LOHAS / cultural creatives topics etc… I wish my musical pieces have led you to an opportunity to think; how can we be happy? / are we happy? / how can maintain our planet in more better quality?   At this time, if you say my pieces are inspirational, I recommend you watching this film "HAPPY" ‘Cause it will give you much more significant opportunity. So, well, I’m saying the movie is pretty awesome. :)

Though I guessed some parts on movie are so therapeutic that people may think it’s like self-development programs, several univ-professors and guest speakers appear on the film and their talk are filled with very impressive truths. They introduced several ‘happy’ lifestyles from many countries including Okinawa and Denmark, those are really interesting to me… But, one thing, I guess opinions and insistence are not strong enough to makes this movie vivid. 

The main reason that I think this movie is very valuable is, this can be a nice opportunity (such as I mentioned at the previous paragraph) and a wonderful guide-book. A guide book. This is a wonderful guide book for people who are interested in such topics. This is the core of my thoughts on the film. It’s depend on you how you make some actions. Whether the content of your action will be in line with concept of the movie or not, it’s so wonderful to have an opportunity to do some actions. It’s very important to think of happiness and your own life. That’s the valuable thing this movie provides to you. 

I’m going to another event on 25th. The legendary Satish Kumar will be in Meiji-Gakuin University Tokyo with Shinichi Tsuji for a talk session. Very looking forward to. :) Also, I’m thinking of reading some more books related to the topics. Ah, if I could find some nice events, I would attend them gladly. These are my actions. Check this movie and grab your opportunity. 

  • Trailer

You may check some more details of this movie at or


BTW, I would write (a little bit) about movie as media. Some might say “this movie is a propaganda. Movie should NOT be used for political / philosophical purposes.” This may be true for them. But, at least to me, this opinion is getting old. We now have Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr (of course!) and blogspot. In other words, we all have our own medias which enable transmitting our political opinions, original art pieces, jokes, etc… Thus, using movie as media is becoming natural to me. (What’s the difference between documentary film and propaganda?  It’s blurring. I think documentary film is an extension of keynote presentation.) I guess this method is wise. Wonderful use of movie to share your thoughts. 

Oct 8 '11


Now, I know I say I’m in love with everything I put on here (it’s true of coarse), but collage is something that I am totally in love with this year! It all started when I stumbled across John Stezaker on the fantastic iheartphotograph website earlier this year when I was looking for some inspiration for the second and final semester of my art degree. His work was absolutely perfect at the time, and still is. So, since then I’ve been a little obsessed with his work. My lovely parents even gave me one of his books not that long ago.. just ‘cause. I think it was meant to be a birthday present but Mum caved and gave it to me early. SO, the whole point of this seemingly pointless ramble is basically to show how much I love collage. I always thought it was a bit.. tacky maybe?, but I think that was because I’d probably only seen tacky collages, ha. Anyway. Matthew Partridge’s collages are genius; his compositions are fantastic and I’m also a tiny bit obsessed with the ‘60’s so I love that his images are taken from publications from that era. Right. I’m done. Check out his Flickr!

Oct 5 '11

My life in the States, 2008 (CUT-UP!)

A Cut-Up / mix style documentary film by me, about my life in the United States, when I was at Foothill College Music Tech. Remastered for this upload. At San Francisco, Mountain View, Palo Alto, some other places in California. Also some footages from Washington States. Movie edit by ableton. (didn’t use any kind of movie software!) I should add several tags for this. :) - Kota.

Oct 4 '11

1\2 by Gray! on Flickr.


1\2 by Gray! on Flickr.

Oct 2 '11
Sep 29 '11
Sep 24 '11
Sep 23 '11
Sep 23 '11

Lulu Wolf


Lulu Wolf