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2kai Days

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Mar 25 '13


Private Mixes: PRVM #1 (HOUSE, TECHNO, NU-DISCO, ELECTRO, INDIE DANCE) by Dj .Kota Private Mixes on Mixcloud

  1. Rà-àkõ-st (Todd Terje Edit) - Lindstrom
  2. Body Pop (Radio Slave Feat. Tom Gandey Remix) - NELSKI
  3. T’es Con, T’es Content (Original Mix) - Akufen 
  4. 1000 Faces - FPM 
  5. Pop Muzik (Todd Terje Remix) - M 
  7. I Can’t Go For That - The Bird and the Bee 
  8. Star Guitar [Alavi Remix] - Shinichi Osawa 
  9. Paris (Instrumental) - Gildas 
  10. Its All Good (Kraak & Smaak Remix) - Zeroleen
  11. Darling Baby (DJ Sneak & Mono Stereo Gangtaz Remix) - Jon Allegro
  12. Radio Tonic (Bobby & Klein Remix) - Neil Bainbridge
  13. Simply (Original Mix) - Gramophonedzie
  14. Bellhead (Original Mix) - Off the Rocker 
  15. No Brain (Paul Chambers Remix) - Etienne de Crécy
  16. Bacon Hill (Original Mix) - Jan Driver
  17. La Femme Chinoise (DJ .Kota Cover) - Yellow Magic Orchestra
  18. You Know My Name (Look Up the Number) - The Beatles
I have been spending tough days for months, I mean, 
I had to solve some personal issues and the process made me feel miserable. 
That’s why I couldn’t play dance music at 2kai party; STOP THE. 
Aim of this mix is very personal, I did it for my rehab, to get up. 
I would be appreciated if you attend this my personal rehab program. 
It’s getting better, I guess. - Kota.
a private catalogue distributed by DJ .Kota Private Mixes channel.Private Use Only.
DJ .Kota is a member of 2kai Productions 
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Oct 25 '11

Duck Sauce 'Big Bad Wolf'

"Big Bad Wolf" "is pretty simple, and it can mean anything, really, so we wanted the video to have its own narrative," says A-Trak, one-half of the dance duo Duck Sauce, along with DJ Armand Van Helden. "Remember when dance music videos used to actually be creative? Like when you think back to Aphex Twin, Fatboy Slim and Daft Punk… I don’t know why the genre’s videos became so generic in recent years.

"When Keith [Schoffield] came up with this idea of ‘crotchfaces,’ we just thought it was hilarious," A-Trak continues. "He started coming up with all these gags and describing the characters living in this sort of parallel world, and we were sold. He wasn’t sure if we’d be down to play the leads, but our take on this was, if we’re going to do this, we need to go all the way. So we played the dickheads, essentially."

Sep 13 '11

Very sad hearing DJ Mehdi passed away yesterday. I was just listening to his and Thomas Bangalter’s track; “Signatune” today, when I was rehearsing my new dj system. 

It has been reported that DJ Mehdi has died following a fatal accident in which he fell from a roof at his home in France. The incident happened last night and has shocked the dance community. Two other people have also been hospitalised. DJ Mehdi was 34-years-old. Taken from ->

Found some comments from famous musicians; Firstly, my close friend in Amsterdam, Joost Van Bellen tweets - RT @joostvanbellen wishing all Mehdi’s friends and family lots of strenght and sending big big love to all. and he updated Rauw Blog also. -

Some other tweets are; 

  • RT @ShinichiOsawa if its true totally sad….. RIP
  • RT @daspop DJ Mehdi. Sad, sad news.
  • RT @atrak I have no words. My heart is completely shattered. Not this.
  • RT @oizo3000 saddest news ever I have no words
  • FB_Mixmaster Morris RIP DJ Mehdi

Too young to die. We lost many talented musicians n’ DJs this year, for example, Japanese people encountered shocking news of Rei Harakami in July, and that made me feel loss and end of adolescence.  (I payed tribute to him at my “Happiness” compilation.) 

Please don’t stop playing his nice tracks, deejays! Of course, I won’t stop doing that. Rest in peace, DJ Mehdi. - Kota. 

Sep 3 '11

DJ rehearsal that I did today. w/ playlist. 

  1. -Knight Moves gonzales
  2. -Baby Can’t Stop lindstrom
  3. -Mirror Neurotic cornelius + salyu x salyu
  4. -Summer’s Day Song (inst) mccartney2
  5. -Swan Lake m.arfmann
  6. -A Fifth of Beethoven soulwax rmx
  7. -Guilty of Love ‘05 mylo
  8. -Heaven Can’t Wait s.gainsbourg
  9. -Happy s-seltmann
  10. -’S Wonderful brian wilson
  11. -Shall We Dance? taeko onuki